“A Letter From Les.” Exerpts From Side-bar Comments.


*Coles Fresh Chicken. “Whole Extra Large” $9.25 2.5 kg.


Cut half of this big chook into four pieces and into the slow-cooking crockpot sans water and that’s how I do vegetables in a two litre ice-cream container in the micro. Cooked to perfection after two hours, the only question I wondered was where the three quarters of a cup of liquid came from. From a frozen product, expected to some degree, but that much moisture leaching from a fresh product seemed far too much. 30 Nov. 2012.

*”How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate, they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to.” — George Orwell, 1984

With State police trawling social media looking to apply the literal biff, I would like younger dissenters to know what could be their reward for speaking the truth. I laid low after Bligh’s police called to my home promising a mental evaluation test unless my blog criticism desisted, but the conscience is a strong arbiter.
G20 beckons in Brisbane. Ian Stewart and the clandistine, stasi-oriented ASIO will be hard at it finding imaginary bombers to push to the ground in the absence of the real deal. Lets hope the free-spirited wits pull off more stunts a la Kennedy motorcade. 24/10/2012.


*That multi-fatal road “accident” near Childers over the weekend will reignite officially biased witchhunts against over-65 yo drivers for sure. Easy-solution police dullards will call for widespread banning of oldies and the burning of their licences.The ageing media tart will mount her rostrum and gently advise oldies to report to the nearest convalescence home, and Federal Member Butler will do his bit by zapping demeaning anti-oldie tweets. It is writ.


*“The Beaudesert Times,” outer Brisbane’s far right beacon of the catholic backed NLP pulled out one of its standard spring scare stories. The file picture showed snake catcher Mark with what is probably a venemous brown firmly under his control. The rerun story filled a hole but correct identification of the reptile and contact phone number of “the snake man” would have been appreciated. One never knows.

*The common man would trade his mother for a slab of slops, has had his IQ downgraded both by legislation and by a diesel fuelled atmosphere, ably assisted by a Bureaucracy impatient and eager to see the removal of whatever freedoms left standing. There is more to life then accepting kid-glove trade-offs. Pleasure taxes, including gaming machines, are multiple times the few cents that might be added to power bills. Better the individual argue for the right for integrity and regain common-sense and ease away from the nanny state. Newman’s shock treatment now might spare ECT later. Shame Canberra can’t follow through.


*Some unusual questions are asked of me! As far as I know, dear enquirer, H.C. rentals still occur in Beaudesert. Afawning relationship with Woodridge Housing staff helps, in fact, is a necessity and rental continuance is contignent upon regular shafting of people you and the silly fillies dislike and want inconvenienced.
Most precincts are stacked to the gills with stasi-like informers and to retain on-going accommodation, you will have no option but to capitulate to pressure and sacrifice your integrity. All the best, Les.

*An inquisitive reader inflates my credentials to ask if pheromones are involved in forensic science. My mind runs riot forming cute answers, but if you get horny sniffing my pits, seek help. In the meantime, dear honest reader, do what I did and Google the two relevant words and be rewarded


* For a compliant voter most of his adult life who was always one of the mugs who put another Queensland arse-hole in a bludger's job, I found the introduction of optional preferential voting in the State arena a solace of sorts. By putting the major, crooked parties on the bottom, ie, sixth or seventh and an individual representing the secular party as the primary, I felt I'd done my bit to redress the imbalance.
Local elections, supposedly non-political, aren't. In Beaudesert, the Catholics were promised damnation unless an eventual turncoat got the NLP vote, and their choice at the recent State elections didn't fancy being lackey to Newman's domination, or bum-boy to the local R.C. stand-over hit-man. It's not too difficult Laze and Gen of bush electorates; vote void. Ta-ta, I'm off to do my duty by my conscience.

Qld Govt. flat precinct: 220-6 Brisbane St, Beaudesert. 4285

* A brief bit about the A.S.I.O. post and its link to The Psychiatric Puppeteer story in which Woodward made two illegal entries into my flat in company with Robertson who enters both empty and occupied flats at will. Irvine’s Q&A boast of having skeleton keys obviating the need to crash doors, means his effete operatives have the o.k. to enter any premises and check for pubes and skid-marks and to probe into or take any computer in Australia, confirmed the details of my accusations and why Qld State police persons advise me the ease in which a “troubled” old man can be incarcerated on the whim of biased police persons.


*A major trouble-maker and a creature of dubious worth, a right royal nasty man, this suspected stasi cadre, Hurst (sic) devious and sneaky, implants dark ideas into susceptible, unaware minds then slinks back into the mire to watch their effect. He summons H.C. Works Dept. personnel to his flat and has a private road constructed. If the CMC wants dates and reg. numbers for curiosity’s sake, I’m sure a swat team would not be a necessary prerequisite to my information. I’ve a piece about the ASIO rat who appeared at my door with the census woman and disappeared just as stealthily.

Democracy Must Be Something More Than Two Wolves And A Sheep Voting On What To Have For Dinner.


Older Side-bar Comments Continue In “Comment On Queensland.”

12-03-2012: SWAN worries too much.


*Swan would probably be a pleasant and worthwhile bloke to have as a neighbour if you were unaware of his work history. He is essentially a pin-head who might have considered shafting workmates along the way to score a good, well regarded job with lots of esteem and futzpah. Witness his appreciation of the system to elevate a lady friend at the expense of one who brought the party some long lost credibility. I’m sure the NLP would find a leader without this fellow trying to make an issue out of a hypothetical event.


Do-gooders, minister to those in need..

*People choose to live without do-gooders for good reasons. The ever-ready eagerness of inept bureaucrats to interfere and intrude in the private lifestyle of decent, quiet-living citizens is rightfully resented by most oldies. The unctuous interest is Government foot-in-door to justify their inherent need to sniff the sheets. The old and the chronically ill acknowledge we are in the death zone, a fact not unnoticed. The inflated young want to win community awards for a pretend interest in the welfare of the olds. My message to these non-thinking, self promoting bloated young who fear death evidentially think the fact just dawned on us and we are struck dumb in fear or in awe of the fact. Run away and look after your own, do-gooders. We’ll call you.



*There was a time when taking a human life brought shame to and a condemnation of the perpetrator. Nowadays however in Brisbane, infanticide is excused, the child-killer by reason of an interest in sport and a school-teaching job is lauded by friends “throughout the world.”
Rather than weeping at the sight of this psycho’s accoutrements adorning the coffin, a justice of sorts would have had church mourners spitting at the box, or better still, treating the occasion of interment with ignore.


*Fools And Fanatics Are Always So Certain Of Themselves, But Wiser People So Full Of Doubt.

*Several readers are a bit bamboozled about the facetious use of, “bone in the leg.” In this context, it hasn’t got any medical, orthopaedic or stress fracture connections. It is tougue-in-cheek, humorously intended figure of speech, used to indicate an obvious fib, or white lie. Example: My father had six kids and when he tired of activities would rebuff us saying, ” That’s it kids, I’ve run out of puff and got a bone in the leg.” It is one of many sayings that a few present-day oldies retain from their childhood and am pleasantly surprised it stirred the curiosity of those inquirers.



*I found a British site worth a look. Apart from the Monty Python skit on old-age pensioner bludgers who waste their money on cat food, the writer takes a nudge at all sacred topics. We share the new gen thoughts that old bastards should cop the green needle for a 30th birthday surprise.
Hit on gingerzilla and be enlightened.

*For better or for worse, I moved to a new and very remote residence recently. One’s great age and decrepitude comes to the fore, let me assure you when only two do the heaving and no-one the thinking.

*Telstra slogged away for six days to get broadband on air for me. Love and kissy hugs, Samantha and the whole blooming lot of you. Formidable pronouncements are formulating even as we speak. Tried to send off a brief comment to a U.S. site and it failed to go for one or other reason, so rather than let great wisdom drop through the cracks, am dropping in it under this entree. Have switched proper nouns for alternate titles wishing to delay convulsive shocks for a bit longer.

*If all citizens could think beyond their next sexual tryst and booze-up, $1,000 a day crooks like a Queensland Chief-of-Staff and his on-the-nose Premier, and practically the entire Cabinet would be incarcerated. The general populace feed off martyr platitudes, bridge runs and firework shows. In Queensland, we lavish praise on home-grown greedy corporate crims and despair of our politicians only when they get caught with dirty fingers. The Hitler quote,” It is good for rulers that men don’t think,” was tailor-made for all Australians.

*I would like to voice my appreciation for the supportive comments that sympathetic readers have sent me. Apparently I have been delusional and the baby-eater has the heart and good intentions of a Mother Teresa. I’ve misjudged the kind and generous Mother Woodems who, according to Bligh’s emissary, is an honest and decent traveler to Damascus who lines both verandas in daytime with lit mosquito coils to hasten my recovery and not to worsen it.

* There is nothing malicious behind this and similar deeds except my delusional mind, it seems. A departing messenger, replica of early thirties Germany, reminds how electricity dulls free-thought and encourages obeisance to a corrupt system. Mother Dale has thoughtfully placed lit mosquito coils upwind from my residence to assist my recuperation. Delivered by a Bligh literary censor opinions must be obeyed, yet a compulsory, computer-free rest is hinted at. Does, “Don’t use any more of that stuff,” need translation? We will see, Les Johns.

* Coles profits now match those of Woolworths. Isn’t that telling us something? There is strong evidence to support Aldi’s ‘saving’ claims. The once shunned, potentially dangerous third world food imports are forced on to the customer by corrupt Governments down to the infamous Queensland Government carpetbaggers, to the nanny-state outright crooks in charge of outrageously incompetent departments like QBuild and Housing. Run at six times the cost of unprotected businesses, one would like to know the disbursement of the cream. Has the ‘Auditor-General ‘ audited QBuild’s repaints and weeks of reconstruction of flats after a tenant spends a very short time so ensconced?

* I wonder if decent people are culled from Queensland Housing staff or was it forever a blow-fly attractant? Inter-office positions vacant Woodridge applications would have to go something like,”…and must have proven ability in shafting work-mates and belittling aged dissenters.”

The two disgraceful females featured in a recent story encompass the requirements, probably haven’t any idea why I’ve been on Housing’s hit list since day one, but an immoral and prejudiced piece of work, ‘Judge’ Schoutens, should answer to her unfounded hate.
Sexual predators, firebugs and criminals are given divine status in this housing camp,while I suffer for seeking a smoke-free environment tempered with considerate mobile phone use.

*The initial mental stimulation of dealing with seven or eight level 80 IQ fellow tenants proves the point that great hordes of dummies can never be an equal match for one above average opponent, the battle becoming mundane and ordinary. Idiot Woodridge nose-pickers don’t give much fight any more. Can’t fight without seeking ‘legal advice.’

* While I understand the suffering discomfort of ‘beautiful’ people being tainted by the intrusion of one deemed unworthy of common manners afforded the meek and docile, our money differs not from normals. After yesterday’s visit to Beaudesert Fair’s Pharmacy, decades of hoping a rational transaction be concluded without a slight of sorts reminded me why I’ve given the place a wide berth for years:

* Beaudesert’s Aldi, premises is a stand alone store, you are not induced to waste money on an impulsive “scratchie’ as you pass a news shop. The other two know the gullibility of Australians through observing poker-machine mugs. I exist solely on the pension and live the life of Riley, run a late model Falcon, have computers which means William Street confidence merchants legally rip me off.

* The best of Aldi’s tea is shithouse, the recently introduced intense not up to its name. Am obliged to use Coles for stronger teas and smoked kippers. The bastards upped that product by 10 %, now on par with Woolworths. I am part of a very aware team who cherry-pick the three retailers.

* Coles has a team of ‘experts’ rearranging the deck chairs in a vain attempt to lure trade back from Aldi. Culling ill-mannered, front-of-shop battleaxes would be more economical and effective.

* Queensland Housing nanny representatives believe I need 24 hour intervention, but convincing them their constant harassment won’t drive me out indicates an action other than altruism is alive and well with Bligh’s Thugs.

* Putrid flesh and maggots! Both host and free-loaders hanging around like blue-arse flies. I got on top of two of their fifth columnists, the gross, baby-eating waddler and queen bitch. Two intimidatory maggots on cue.

These are two examples of the shit that stasi stand-over Labor manipulators use to reassure me of my stupidity and issue instructions where and how to shop. Over half my pension could be poured into the machines if I so wished. The waste of misused pension monies would do a Qld. public servant proud.

* Only those Queensland Housing tenants who are gross and ill-mannered and make excessive and unnecessary noise, irritate neighbours and are of poor character with unsupported moral codes are offered permanency of tenure at 220-226 Brisbane Street. Decent and quiet-living tenants are denied freedoms widely accepted by normals outside the system.

* Won’t forget too soon that nasty Beaudesert Post Office sow mentioned in this column last week. She must have had customer training with Queensland Housing. Woolworths just up the road employs a pensioned-off, ill-mannered Fortidude Valley lady. Painted-up beyond belief but scrape the white-wash and reveal a spiteful old gorgon.

* Why Coles had the experts farting around in a forlorn attempt to outdo Aldi baffles me when removing a front-of-shop, in your face harridan would do the trick.

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